Trail Report April 14, 2018

Finn Creek staging area:

Groundhog East and West were groomed Apr 3rd.
If you encounter caribou, please turn off your sled and wait for them to leave.
Salmon was groomed April 12th.
Foam Closed!

River Safari staging area:

Red Sands was groomed April 14th.
White River was groomed March 8th.
North Blue Closed for the Season.
Coulees was groomed March 11th

Up to date Grooming Reports are also available on our Facebook page

Grooming Updates

Grooming has become a very important part of snowmobiling, enhancing the rider experience and creating ease for new riders.

BRPPS is happy to offer grooming throughout the snow season for every 100 paid riders (snow permitting) on all of our trails.

Keep your eyes open here or our facebook page for up to date grooming and weather reports.