BRPPS Zone Update

We are sad to announce that we will be losing access to our Red Sands riding zone February 18, 2021. The road will be graded for logging activities. As we were not able to find a safe and viable solution, the area will be closed for the remainder of the season.

The parking lot at Red Sands will remain open and riders will still access our North Blue zones from there. Please remember to check in with the booth attendant for the latest safety or zone information prior to heading up the trail. Initially the booth will remain at Red Sands but we may move to a more convenient location on the North Blue road. We will update that information as we are able.

This is difficult news for BRPPS and our membership/riders. However, this is the nature of the business and we will continue to advocate for new zones and improved access to our current areas.

We sincerely thank you for your support during this season.

Kind Regards,



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