February 17, 2020

Hello Riders,

A short while ago we were informed that there will be winter logging activity at Finn Creek. To access the logging area the contractors will be grading the road we use to access Salmon and Ground Hog. We may lose the use of the road as early as February 24, 2020 and it is likely the road will not reopen this season.

However, working closely with our partners in the government, board of directors and our grooming team we have established an alternate access to the zones. We are still working out the exact details on the route but are confident it will be set by the start date for the logging. We will be posting more information on the website and social media in the coming days. All access will begin via the Foam Creek trail and the booth attendants will be able to answer any an all questions regarding the route.

We are certainly disappointed that the recreational tourism industry, which is vital to the economics of Blue River, was not given more consideration when this decision was made. We have been in constant communication with the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation, local government and higher level provincial governments to help them understand the impact to our sport and our community. You will see articles in the local papers and BRPPS has a meeting with the Ministry of Tourism in the coming weeks.

We will do our best to ensure all riders are informed as the situation develops. If you have any specific questions please feel free to write to: info@sledblueriver.com


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