Frequently Asked Questions

Rules & Regulations

Does my sled need to be registered?

Yes, per current ORV act, you have to register you snowmobile. Please view details here.

Do I have to pay for trail usage?

Yes, we invest resources in grooming our trails so there are trail fees applicable. You can get a daily pass or a season’s pass. More information here.

Where can I learn about mountain caribou etiquette?

Please see our informational section here.

What's a "Section 58"?

Section 58 closures are PERMANENT, YEAR-ROUND closures. At no point may you enter a Section 58 area to snowmobile.

You can find maps, info and further guidelines about all things Section 58 around Blue River, on our resources page here.

Local Services

Can I get my sled repaired locally?

Yes, for parts and repairs, please contact Blue River Sledz at or 250-673-8317

Can I get rent a sled in town?

Yes, for snowmobile rentals please contact Blue River Sledz at or 250-673-8317

Do I need avalanche gear to ride in the backcountry?

Yes, you should be properly equipped with avalanche safety gear before heading out into the backcountry.

Supplies for back country riding-

  • Avy Pack
  • Beacon
  • Probe
  • Shovel

All of this gear is available for rent at Blue River Sledz: or 250-673-8317

In addition, it is also recommend you carry:

  • First Aid kit
  • Water
  • Dry snacks
Where do I find food/liquor in town?
  • For Grocery items and liquor: Oakmans Grocery, limited selection
  • Restaurants: The Grill, Avola Pub, Husky Resteraunt
Where can I go to eat in town? Local Restaurants:
  • The Grill
  • Husky Truck Stop
What are my options for local accommodations?
  • Sandman Inn
  • Log Inn Pub
  • Holy Smoke Inn
  • Glacier Mountain Lodge
  • Bone Creek Wilderness
  • Air BNB