About Us

The Blue River Powder Packers provide organized, legal and responsible snowmobiling infrastructure in the Blue River area.  We groom and maintain parking areas and trails.   The club has successfully negotiated land use agreements to ensure snowmobilers have access to amazing riding areas.  We are part of the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation.

BRPPS was established in the early 1990’s as a small social club we are proud of how much has been accomplished. For more information on what Blue River has to offer please check out the communities web page. https://www.blueriverbc.ca/

Wildlife Management

One of the main land use agreements negotiated is the Sustainable Wildlife Management Agreement. It’s in place to ensure the survival of mountain caribou. The BRPP as a steward to the environment works hard at managing and ensuring that the snowmobiling public does not adversely affect caribou habitat. [More information…]

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Our Biggest Fans

Jamie Iwaschuk

Jamie Iwaschuk

28, from Edson, AB

  • Why do you ride in Blue River? I ride Blue River because of the endless riding areas and amazing snow.
  • How long have you been sledding? My whole life.
  • What’s your favourite Blue Zone and Why? Salmon lake because it has endless features and it always seems to have just a little bit more snow than anywhere else.
  • What advice do you give other riders? Always help people on the hill. They might have fuel for you.
  • Sponsors: Valley Motorsports, Tobe Outerwear, Alpyne Apparel, RMC Graphics, Avid Energy, Specialty Motorsports and a couple more.
  • What do you do in the off season? I operate heavy equipment and ride freestyle mx.

Nick Woods

Nick Woods

29 years old, from Shuswap lake, Bc.

I love all aspects of sledding, be it from technical tree riding, to big airs, drops, and tech down hill lines; I pretty much just try to keep progressing each year. Style, and smoothness is the most important to me when it comes to snowmobiling. I also like DH Mountain Biking , Fishing, and Legion going!

  • Why do you ride in Blue River? I ride Blue River because it has one of the best snow packs around, light fluffy snow, and endless big Terrain.
  • How long have you been sledding? I’ve been riding since I was 8 years old, so 21 years.
  • What’s your favourite Blue Zone and Why? Salmon, I’ve yet to have a bad day there, snows always goo , and the terrain is even better.
  • What advice do you give other riders? Keep progressing, keep it fun, and be mindful of the terrain.
  • Sponsors: Mighty Peace PowerSports, Tobe outerwear, CFR, Alpyne Apparel, High Mark by SnowPulse, MSD, Munster Finger Throttle, Octane INK, Blue River Sledz, Sled Blue River
  • What do you do in the off season? I’m a carpenter in the summer.

Lee Onslow

blue river

Hi there!  I’m Lee Onslow. I am an avid snowboarder and a terrible Sledder!  Basically I’m terrified of the snowmobile but I can’t afford to take a helicopter to reach all the sweet powder in Blue River!  My husband Tom has been a great teacher and now I’ve learned the skills to be able to make it to most of my favorite zones.

  • Why do you ride in Blue River? For the Powder! Blue River never disappoints! Our family has vacationed in Blue River for many years.  The beauty of the mountains, the amazing trails and the wicked snowboarding helped us make the decision to move to Blue River with our two young children.
  • How long have you been sledding? I have been doubled up to the sled board zones for many years.  I started actually riding a sled last year in 2017.
  • What’s your favourite Blue Zone and Why? Redsands, the first bowl above the alpine.   Oh so much fun!  Great big lines, spectacular views, and not to difficult to get to.
  • What advice do you give other riders? Keep fresh on your Avalanche training – it’s wild out there.  There is so much amazing backcountry terrain to explore and enjoy!
  • Do you have any sponsors? Yes!  My husband – Tom Onslow
  • What do you do in the off season? Eleanor Lake in Blue River is the place to be!  There is nothing better than long beach days.  I also really enjoy mountain biking and hit up the Valemount Bike park on a regular basis.  (It’s amazing) You should check it out!

Albert Venor

Sled Snowboarding

The first day I showed up in Blue River, the snowbanks were so high they were digging out the stop signs. I had the best run of my life in Redsands. I knew this was the place I had to be.

  • Why do you ride in Blue River? The snow is incredible.  There is so much that has not been discovered yet.  You can still find zones that no one has ever rode before.
  • How long have you been sledding? Got into sledding in 2000.  Wanted to access better snowboard terrain.
  • What’s your favourite Blue Zone and Why? White river. Tree riding is all time. I can ride from my house.
  • What advice do you give other riders? Do your research.  Study google earth and closure maps.  Find your own secret spots.
  • Do you have any sponsors? Lakes District Maintenance and River Safari.
  • What do you do in the off season? Dirt biking, Kiteboarding, Hiking, Canoeing, Jet boating.
kids corner snowmobiling in blue river

Kids' Corner

Rome Deuling

I am Rome. I live and go to school in Blue River.

It is an exciting time of year and our powder is always deep!! With all this excitement don’t forget to stay safe out there. Get your avalanche beacon and practice with it. Bust out your shovel and probe and get serious for a bit. Do an airbag check in you have one and make sure your are prepared!! Most importantly…get your butt out here!!


Autumn Deuling

My name is Autumn. I live in Blue River and love it.

Red Sands is one of my favorite places to ride because it always fills in real good. The groomed trail is perfect to get some quick ski laps in between sled laps. Make sure to check over all your avy gear and get your butts out here!!


Grayson Onslow

Grayson Onslow

My name is Grayson.  I am 5 Years old.   My favorite sport is soccer and my favorite fun thing to do in the winter is to snowmobile and play with Scout (The dog).

  • Why do you ride in Blue River? Cuz I like it cuz there is like hills and stuff.
  • How long have you been sledding? A year and we got our sled from Dadda.
  • What’s your favourite Blue Zone and Why? Here cuz there is like hills over there and there is like a tree and you can go around a house and stuff.
  • What advice do you give other riders? Take snowmobile pictures and stuff of like snowmobiles jumping and stuff.
  • Do you have any sponsors? Um, what’s a sponsor?
  • What do you do in the off season? Dirt biking and stuff.  Swimming and like playing with friends.

Richard Onslow

Richard Onslow

I’m Richard and I am 7 years old.  I like riding at the Dairy Farm and doing really big jumps and going on a track that we do.

  • Why do you ride in Blue River? Because there is lots of snow and I really like it.
  • How long have you been sledding? For one year.
  • What’s your favourite Blue Zone and Why? I love the dairy farm.
  • What advice do you give other riders? Stay safe and try to not wipe out and try to not break your bones.
  • Do you have any sponsors? My mom and dad.
  • What do you do in the off season? I love dirt biking, and I really like doing downhill mountain biking.