Avalanche & Safety

Before you head out in to the snow, make yourself aware of the possibility of avalanches.

Almost 90% of all avalanche accidents are caused by the people. Meaning avalanches don’t often come down with no reason. You, or someone else, can trigger a slide just by being on a slope at the wrong time.  It is important to recognize avalanche terrain and know when you or someone else are taking a risk. Avalanches can happen anywhere there is snow and a slope. It only takes about 30cm of snow on a 25º slope to create an avalanche.

Over the course of the winter, the snowpack and the avalanche conditions change. There are days where it is perfect to go explore and days to play it a little safer. There is always tomorrow.

Know Before You Ride

General Avalanche Information and Safety Initiatives. Please visit Avalanche Canada for a complete source of information.

1. Take an Avalanche Course.

2. Carry and know how to use the proper rescue equipment. Ensure those you ride with do the same.

3. Gain knowledge of the area you choose to ride in, this includes: Weather, Snowpack, Recent avalanche activity, Safe areas etc.

4. Choose terrain that coincides with the days’ conditions.

5. Use safe and effective procedures for backcountry travel.

CAC Mobile Apps

The Avalanche Canada website has great information for Snowmobilers including the Online Avalanche Map.

The Mountain Information Network allows users to share observations and information through the Avalanche Canada App available for free at Google Play and the Apple Store.