Logging at Finn Creek

Grading of the Finn Creek FSR will begin February 24, 2020. We have been working hard with our groomer team and a crew of volunteers to build a new route “the connector” off the Foam Creek trail.  This trail will allow continued access to Salmon and Ground Hog. The trail will be well signed and we will have information at the booth and on our website shortly.

Links to articles that will provide more background information are included below.

If you have questions or comments after reading the article we suggest you direct them to the following:

Sandy MacKenzie, District Recreation Officer:
Forest, Lands and Natural Resources Operations: Minister Doug Donaldson
Tourism, Arts and Culture: Minister Lisa Beare

Blue River Powder Packers blocked from accessing popular riding areas

Blue River reels with access woes

Finn Creek Access

February 17, 2020

Hello Riders,

A short while ago we were informed that there will be winter logging activity at Finn Creek. To access the logging area the contractors will be grading the road we use to access Salmon and Ground Hog. We may lose the use of the road as early as February 24, 2020 and it is likely the road will not reopen this season.

However, working closely with our partners in the government, board of directors and our grooming team we have established an alternate access to the zones. We are still working out the exact details on the route but are confident it will be set by the start date for the logging. We will be posting more information on the website and social media in the coming days. All access will begin via the Foam Creek trail and the booth attendants will be able to answer any an all questions regarding the route.

We are certainly disappointed that the recreational tourism industry, which is vital to the economics of Blue River, was not given more consideration when this decision was made. We have been in constant communication with the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation, local government and higher level provincial governments to help them understand the impact to our sport and our community. You will see articles in the local papers and BRPPS has a meeting with the Ministry of Tourism in the coming weeks.

We will do our best to ensure all riders are informed as the situation develops. If you have any specific questions please feel free to write to: info@sledblueriver.com


Sled Town Show Down

Sled Town Show Down

We are in the final four for what is rightfully ours.  “Best Sled Town in BC”

The competition is tight and we need your votes!!



December 21, 2019

Ground Hog East and West will be closed until further notice for search and rescue operations.

We will update you as soon as we are able. At this point our other zones remain open. As always…be safe and know your riding area.


Thank you Onslow’s!!

A giant thank you to the Onslow family for working hard to clear the trails of downed trees for the groomers!



And…We are open

It has been a long wait but we are finally feeling strong for an opening day of December 6 for 2019.  Yes!  Tomorrow.

We will have staff at each of our trail heads so do stop in for up to date information. We are excited for the season and look forward to the year.  Thank you in advance for your support and we hope everyone has a great ‘official’ day one.


Opening Day

We are working together with forestry and our grooming team to get things set as soon as the snow conditions allow. At this point our formal opening day is likely to be December 7, 2019 but if you head out Friday December 6 you just might see our Booth Team in place! We will know more later this evening.

The snow conditions in the alpine continue to improve, however, the lower valley snow is not yet allowing for easy access.

Regardless of our opening day, if you are coming to ride please check the home page of our website for updates on the zones so you are prepared for potential industrial traffic. We will do our best to keep things updated.

November 27, 2019 Update

Snow coverage in the alpine continues to build. With reports ranging from 90cm to 130cm and a solid base the riding in the the alpine is shaping up well for the season. However, access to the zones remains an issue and we now have a tentative opening date of Dec 7, 2019.

NOTE: Log Hauling operations will continue at Finn Creek until December 6, 2019. The Finn Creek road is plowed to the Finn-Tum FSR but there are limited pullouts along the route. The trucks are using radio assisted communications on frequency RR 26. If you have any specific questions or safety concerns please contact Gilbert Smith Forest operations at 250-672-9435 or contact us at info@sledblueriver.com.

Andy Boughton


Thank you everyone for such and amazing year! It was certainly challenging with the lower snow levels, chronically low temperatures, avalanche cycles and wind events.  Despite all that we saw some amazing riding, some equally amazing photo’s on our social media accounts and trust that you all had a solid year in Blue River!

We would also like to thank everyone for doing their best to respect wildlife closures and park boundaries even while on the hunt for new snow. This respect certainly helped with our successful temporary opening of the Finger Bowls!

And finally a sincere thank you to all our sponsors!! We simply could not do this with your support:
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Thank you all!!!