Thank you everyone for such and amazing year! It was certainly challenging with the lower snow levels, chronically low temperatures, avalanche cycles and wind events.  Despite all that we saw some amazing riding, some equally amazing photo’s on our social media accounts and trust that you all had a solid year in Blue River!

We would also like to thank everyone for doing their best to respect wildlife closures and park boundaries even while on the hunt for new snow. This respect certainly helped with our successful temporary opening of the Finger Bowls!

And finally a sincere thank you to all our sponsors!! We simply could not do this with your support:
Superior Propane
River Side Motor Sports
River Safari
Jillian Builders
Avalanche Heavy Hauling
Adrenaline Powersports
Ron Hodgson Chevrolet Buick GMC
Orion Environmental
Enteck Industrial Cleaning
Blue River House Rentals
Lake District Maintenance Inc.
Valemount and Area Recreation Development Association
Thompson Nicola Regional District
Log Inn Pub
Royal Canadian Legion And Ladies Auxillary
Trans Mountain
Bone Creek Wilderness Retreat
Holy Smoke Inn
Thank you all!!!

April 5, 2019

Hello Members,

The Finger Bowls are now open until April 14, 2019.  This is a special TEMPORARY opening.

Please check in at the Red Sands booth as it is very important that we monitor the number of riders. At the booth there is a permit and map you can take a photo of and should have with you while riding in this zone. We have attached a PDF of the permit you can download as well.
Please monitor this website for updates as things may change over the next few days with snow levels etc.
Of course, we appreciate any donations as these funds help our crew work with BC recreation and environment to make such openings possible.
Thank you!

April 2, 2019

SPECIAL OPENING:  Blue River Powder Packers and our partners in BC Recreation have worked together to create a 3 day temporary opening of the Finger Bowls! The zone will be open April 5, 6, 7, 2019. We hope to provide a little more information for parking and access on Thursday. Thank you riders for all your support this year!


Due to earlier than expected Caribou migration Coulees and North Blue (anything past White River) is closed.  

This was a little unexpected but we do put our support behind the provincial Caribou strategies and this is one small way we can help with the cause.  
We are continually working with our partners in the government and recreation to come up with strategies that will support wildlife but also allow us access to the great zones we have here in Blue River.  
We appreciate the support our riders have given over the season with memberships, trail fees, and sponsorships.  We couldn't do it without you!

March 30, 2019

Salmon has been freshly groomed.

A quick thank you to our sponsors including Superior Propane for supporting us and keeping our booth attendants warm this season.

March 18, 2019

Foam Creek Trail has been groomed.
This update is brought to you by the Lake District Maintenance.
Thank you LDM for your support!

March 8, 2019


Ground Hog East and West are now open. Monitoring wildlife activity in our areas is a key part of our operations and we thank you for understanding when closures are required.  Enjoy the weekend!
Thank you.

February 28, 2019

Foam has been freshly groomed.  

Salmon and Ground Hog West was groomed earlier in the week.  Trail systems are great and there is still fresh lines to be had! 


February 23, 2019

Salmon and Ground Hog West have been freshly groomed.

Thanks to our grooming team.

February 21, 2019


Ground Hog East will be closed until further notice due to Caribou activity in the zone.
We thank you in advance for respecting this temporary closure and helping us to protect wildlife in our zones.