The Holy Grail

Area Overview

After approximately 27 km’s of groomed trail you begin on what can only be described as one of our more challenging access trails. It is challenging and complex. A huge “well done” goes out to whomever puts in the trail on any given season. With terrain traps, avalanche paths, large rocks, stumps, possibility of open rivers and creeks you can not expect to make it to the zone on every attempt.

Once you do find yourself at the base of the zone you will now have to negotiate a climb that is not everyone’s cup of tea. For these reasons The Holy Grail is for advance/expert riders and should only be accessed on during low avalanche conditions and sunny days. If you are new to the zone, you might consider taking a guide to help your chances of success.

Despite the challenges of access it is worth noting there is a reason we call this zone The Holy Grail. It is incredible. High mountain riding, beautiful views and a fantastic way to spend a day outside.

The Holy Grail is located in the Cariboos mountain range. Please check the Avalanche Canada Safety Report before you begin your day: Cariboos Avalanche Safety Report

“I had been to Blue a few times to ride. After 1 ride in the Grail I am now a member and a local home owner!”

Alan Hay
Integra Tire, Kamloops


The North Blue trail is groomed as the weather permits.

Wildlife Closures

The Holy Grail riding area is located next to a large Caribou closure. Please respect all boundaries and report any sightings of Caribou activity to

Area Quick Stats

  • Access: Redsands Staging Area
  • Trail Length: 35km
  • Trail Grooming: Yes
  • Trail Pass Required: Yes
  • Warming Hut: No
  • Ability Level: Expert Only