It’s so easy – you can purchase a membership online by clicking here OR purchase your membership at the trail head.

By joining the Blue River Powder Packers, you are choosing to support snowmobiling in British Columbia. Your support ensures that there will be areas to ride now and for generations to come. Our volunteers work very hard to meet the ongoing requirements of sled area management.  This includes government negotiations to keep current areas open and to advocate for new trails and sledding areas.  Clubs need a united voice for snowmobile enthusiasts across British Columbia and Canada.  We need to stay organized and have strong membership numbers.  Please purchase your membership today if you have not done so already.  We need you.

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Your BRPP membership includes a membership in the BCSF which gives you the following benefits with our corporate partners:

  1. Capri Insurance offers members discounted Liability and Theft Insurance
  2. Sandman Hotels gives 10% off their best advertised rate to BCSF Members
  3. Ives Resorton Shuswap Lake, Hubs Motel in Wells/Barkerville, and the North Country Lodge in McBride all offer preferred rates to BCSF Members
  4. Free Subscription to SnoRiders Magazine
  5. BMO MasterCard offers a special BCSF rewards MasterCard
  6. Mark’s Work Wear House offers our members 10% off their purchases
  7. Discounts with several AST 1 providers including Zacs TracsTrigger Point Snow Services and Hangfire Avalanche Training.  Ask your AST provider if they provide a discount when you register

Blue River Powder Packers has many opportunities to get involved!

You could:

  • Volunteer to be a Director
  • Help with an advertising campaign
  • Provide some accounting advice
  • Fix a piece of equipment
  • Do trail maintenance
  • Repair a shelter
  • Work a snow show booth
  • Or just step up and cook hot dogs at an event

Clubs are driven by volunteers and everything you see or do while riding is as a result of someone having volunteered their time. Contact us here or attend a meeting if you want to help.

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