Riding in Blue

A few little tips about riding in Blue River

  • We do have trail fees Click Here
  • Please recognize that there are other land users in Blue River (Mike Wiegele Heli Ski)
  • Your snowmobile should be registered in BC or in your home province
  • Be mindful of the many Caribou Closures in our areas and know where you are riding
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Trail Use Fees

Income generated with our trail fees contributes directly to our operational budget. A significant amount of that fee does go to grooming, however, there are so many more costs to running this type of operation. Zone fees, insurance and lawyer fees, accounting, human resources, trail head maintenance, parking lot snow relocation and signage just to name a few!

The fee structure is set by the Provincial Government and designed under a cost-recovery structure versus a path to income generation. This is why we work so hard to ensure our sponsors recognize the value in supporting this organization and always encourage you to support those that support your club. The sponsorship funds, as well as fundraising initiatives, serve to create some level of fiscal stability so that your Board of Directors and the SBR Team can continue to work on initiatives to improve your ridership experience.

Average Expense Summary

Snowmobile Registration

To use or operate an off-road vehicle (ORV) on Crown land, the owner must register the ORV and clearly display its ICBC number plate or sticker on the vehicle. As well, the operator must carry a copy of the Certificate of Registration (or Transfer of Ownership).

Owners of out-of-province ORVs must register them in their home jurisdictions if registration or licensing is available there (e.g., ORVs from Alberta). Out-of-province ORV owners who do not have registration or licensing available in their home jurisdictions (e.g. ATVs from Saskatchewan) must carry proof-of-ownership documentation when riding on B.C. Crown land.

How to make sure your sled is registered in BC

  • Visit your local ICBC Office
  • Register your snowmobile
  • Pay your annual fee
  • Place the plate or sticker visibly onto your sled


The terrain around Blue River is also used by the local Heli Skiing operator. Some of their ski tenure overlaps the areas in which we are able to ride.

It is important that we respect our neighbours. If you see a helicopter that has landed or is in the their final approach to land please stop and give them 200m of space. Please let me pick up their guests and move on before entering the immediate area.

We all want to be safe out there!

What to do when you spot a helicopter

  • Give them 200 meters of space
  • Stop and watch (in you want from a safe distance)
  • Do not enter the area when the Heli is on the ground (even if the rotors have stopped)