This season was no joke. Wow, what a great year.

Thank you to all our riders for visiting our staff at the trail heads and supporting this all so important industry for Blue River. You don’t always see it but our volunteer board and your trail fees work hard behind the scenes ensuring incredible year after incredible year of riding in Blue.

Our generous sponsors stepped up with the funds we need to keep the operation going and growing. Anytime you can, please visit the current sponsorship page and show your support for them. I have said it many times, we truly could not do this without their support.

We have been grooming all week to have things set for what might be our last weekend of formal operations. There is plenty of snow in the alpine (spring riding) and the access trails are as good as we can expect. Our last day will be April 3, 2022. If the weather holds we will open the following weekend as well.

Our newest zone the Fingers, is formally closed due to degradation of the access trail. With pipeline activity in the area we are not able to create a parking area further up for the riders. We are hoping that next year the access will be greatly improved as TransMountain moves past the area.

We will update the Conditions and Grooming page on our site should anything change. Hopefully we will see you all this weekend for our last rides.

We do have some SBR gear going for incredible deals. Email if you want to swing by and have a look.

Cheers to 2022!


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